In the VR industry, the year 2016 will be remembered as the time of the Facebook’s/Oculus’s, HTC’s/Valve’s, Sony’s and Samsung’s market debut and the capture of significant shares of the technological business by organizations from China. Platforms manufacturers have learned the lessons of the 1990s, when virtual reality was at the peak of public interest, but never took off, and make careful steps to promote products, not delivering them to all at once — before they can make an inclusive offer on software, convenient carrying and content management. Tractica’s analysts, who have presented the global VR consumer market prediction by 2021, announced this and much more.

The stakes are very high, given the scale of the financial investment, which was made by famous brands and grey cardinals of the electronics and software consumer market. Players continue to improve products, fearing the poor implementation, which is able to permanently undermine sales — not only their own, but the whole industry’s. According to Tractica, the combined revenues for consumer headgear, accessories and content will increase from $453,6 million in 2015 to $35 billion in 2021. It gives the annual average growth rate, taking the compound interest into account, at the level of 133%. The global headgear supply’s volume will reach 130 million units, while in 2016 it is only 17 million units. Until 2021, mobile headgear will dominate in quantitative terms, which will capture 75% of the market.


The report “Virtual Reality for Consumer Markets” is segmented by five world’s regions and contains four types of products: PC-based devices, console-based devices, all-in-one devices, and mobile VR headsets. Accessories are also quantitatively analyzed, such as controllers of different types, motion trackers and panoramic cameras. The content market is divided into games and media.

The minimum cost of the report on 82 pages is $4200.

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