Korean industrial giant has announced at a CES 2017 stage that currently there are more than 5 million Gear VR devices in use in the world.

The devices of this line were the first representatives of the high quality VR headgear market – thanks to Oculus, which agreed to give their platform to Samsung to replace the standard capabilities of Android. The release of the first model of Gear VR happened back in 2015 году, and only recently the Samsung headgear received a noticable competitor – Google Daydream.

The information about the sales was revealed by the president of Samsung Electronics America Tim Baxter, who also pointed out the success of the Gear 360 camera. Although, the merit of success here wasn’t the number of sold devices, but the overall length of filmed videos – not the most objective type of data to assess the success of a product. Gear VR users have filmed 10 million hours of video to be viewed in VR headgear.

We will remind you that in 2016 rumors appeared in the Internet about a new autonomous VR headgear under the Odyssey brand. Although, as of the latest info, this name will be given to the first line of Samsung‘s gaming notebooks, the power of which is enough for VR rendering.

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Source: Road to VR


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