Chinese VR devices manufacturer Pico Technology has shown its new mobile headgear Pico Neo CV. Its sales will start in the US in the end of 2017. As is the recently launched developers version, the new device is autonomous: it will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 system-on-a-chip installed alongside energy efficient digital signal processor Hexagon 680.

The manufacturer revealed that the headgear will receive two 1,5K displays (obviously, this means that by diagonal each display has roughly 1500 pixels) that work at 90 Hz. Marketing announcement is continued by some “safe battery” and a “hi fi speaker” – exactly a speaker, not headphones. The mount is a rim. This solution replaces straps in more and more devices: for example, this is true for all Windows Holographic devices.

piconeocv-02-800x601 piconeocv-front-800x601 piconeocv-top-800x601

By continuing the all-around trend, Neo CV will understand user’s position in space with the help of 6DoF sensors. It can’t be called a feature, because positional tracking promises to become the standard both for mobile and desktop headgear this year.

There is no info on the device’s price yet.

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Source: Road to VR


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