Lumus has announced two new prototypes of smart glasses that are aimed at regular users. The gadgets called Maximus and Sleek will never be sold, but their design is available for licensing by third party manufacturers.

The same as ODG, which presented consumer glasses last week, Lumus has developed a high-end and a low-end models. Maximus are suited for wearing above regular prescription glasses; by modern standards they have good field of view through the lenses — 55 degrees, and the manufacturer recommends them for gaming. Sleek (see picture) look more like regular glasses, but they have a smaller field of view. The exact figure is unknown.


The main details of the devices are microprojectors and see-through waveguide displays, in the development of which Lumus specializes. As of now, a number of notorious partners, among which are the developers of augmented reality helmets and glasses Daqri and Atheer, the manufacturer of electronics Thales, and storage operator Knapp, are working with the company. And recently Lumus has closed an investment round for $45 million with the participation of Quanta Computer, HTC, Shanda Group and Crystal-Optech.

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Source: Lumus


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