Lenovo has shown a prototype of their first VR headgear for the Windows Holographic platform. It will join the devices from such companies as Acer, Asus, Dell and HP on the market, when Microsoft releases the Windows 10 update called «Creators Update». This will happen quite soon – in April, 2017.

The new device still has no name, but we know that the headgear weighs around 350 gramms (for example, Vive weighs 555 gramms), it’s less than Vive and Rift, it sits on a head like PlayStation VR — on a rim, not on straps. Two OLED displays with 1440×1440 resolution and responsible for the image, which in total is higher than resolutions of existing competitors, which in it’s turn means less graininess. Unfortunately, the prototype from the demonstration didn’t work, thus it’s possible to form an opinion about one only by wearing it and from Lenovo’s words.


The frontal panel of the headgear has stereocameras, which are responsible for the positional tracking with 6DoF – tracking of user’s movements in space and understanding gestures without the use of external sensors from the earlier models of VR headgear. It’s possible that there are other sensors hidden behind the manufacturer’s logo, but nothing is known about it yet. Lenovo hasn’t shown any controllers for the headgear, but one may assume that the company relies on gestures in basic tasks, and they will release controllers for games and specific tasks later, or will rely on other manufacturers of peripherals for Windows 10.


According to Lenovo‘s representatives, every app in Windows Store will support the headgear in the VR display mode, and some apps will specifically ported from the HoloLens platform. The cameras on the front panel may mean that the device will be creating mixed reality by adding virtual objects into the scanned surroundings. The main question is the quality of the optical sensors – will they be able to stream the image realistically enough for the virtual objects to look better than real. For the early augmented reality on smartphones this problem is also very important.

The shipping of the Lenovo’s headgear will start this year with the price of $300 and $400. The company decided not to announce an exact price beforehand, but they assure that they are aiming to make it closer to $300.

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Source: The Verge


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