At CES 2017 Intel has shown a prototype of an autonomous VR/MR headgear from the engineers of the Alloy project. The company claims that the devices that are based on this reference design will start to ship in Q4, 2017. And while the mass production of the new devices has not started, 250 Oculus Rift headgear had to be used to showcase the platform.


Various content, just as at the recent Facebook’s conference, was shown to the crowd, which included live streams from the Voke platform, which was acquired by Intel in 2016. The representatives of the company took their chance and announced the release of Voke for Rift and Vive (now it’s available only to Gear VR users). After that a multiplayer game with controlling through body motion and surroundings scanning for the creation of a virtual location that is based on the resulting model.


Obviously, Intel is trying to compete with Microsoft, whose developments are used in the already announced headgear for Windows Holographic. The biggest computer devices manufacturers in the world are among the company’s partners, thus Intel will have to give a lot of effort to stay in the niche, especially considering that the software ecosystem is controlled by Microsoft.

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Source: Road to VR


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