HTC has prepared something for the 12th of January: back on 20th of December a post with an ad image with a sign saying “for U” and a date of the first month of the year in the official Twitter account has appeared. But it’s impossible to make any conclusions. «U» can mean anything, including a vernacular “you”, “USA”, “update” – anything which starts with the sound which the letter describes.

This is a simple crotchet, with which the advertisement department could capture the attention of journalists and consumers. Although, new data allows to assume that HTC has plans to release a smarphone under the Vive brand – perhaps, it’s announcement will happen in a couple of days. Anyway, the public awaits a comparable step almost a year after the first orders for Vive were made.

The conclusion of a smartphone release is supported by the post of the famous technobloger Evan Blass with the following video:

The video contains a smartphone with a sign that says «HTC Vive» and a logo of the VR brand of the Taiwanese company. Mr. Blass became widely known for “leaks”, which help smartphone manufacturers to make noise around their new products. If HTC went to Bliss for information support, we can expect what is shown in the video, although the source of the video can still turn out to be a well-wisher with doubtful intentions.

It would be logical to assume, that HTC is going to release a VR smartphone, considering it’s hopes for the VR market and experience in smartphone manufacturing. It’s more interesting what VR platform will become the basis for putting the Vive logo on the device’s back. Considering the high price of the Vive solutions, it may turn out to be one of the most advanced devices with the support of Daydream. It’s also not excluded that HTC will present a mobile variation of SteamVR contrary to the solutions from Google and Oculus, or the gadget will become a universal device for working with VR on any platform, with the owners of which the Taiwanese will be able to come to an agreement (it’s unlikely that such trick will work with Oculus).

All we have left to do is to wait for the official announcements from HTC, which didn’t react to Blass’s post anyhow.

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