The main news of Oculus Connect 3 is an Oculus’ work on the autonomous VR headgear with a battery, a computer, and tracking without external cameras, and also the start of VR controllers Touch sales followed by the appearance on the market of motion tracking sensors Sensor, which gave the start to the room tracking on the Oculus platform. However, the speeches of the representatives of businesses and developers, which were a bit lost between loud presentations by the hosts of the event, were not less interesting.

Connect is a conference of the developers and contents’ creators. Its main part is the meetings with the first persons of the industry of virtual reality. In 2016 Oculus organized 38 of these meetings in only 3 days, which concerned a wide variety of topics, from the global problems of videos’ and games’ development  to  much more narrow ones, which concern porting projects, specifics of ecosystems, work with SDKs, and solutions by hardware manufacturers, graphics engines, WebVR, sound, philosophy, security and social aspects of virtual reality.

Today Holographica presents the videos of all the speeches from Oculus Connect 3. We hope that it will help to understand the course of the industry better, and will allow to create more advanced projects. Enjoy watching!

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