Igromir’16 that took place last weekend in Moscow couldn’t have been ignored by the VR industry – it’s time to showcase products to be judged by strict buyers or someone else will do it. But as for the augmented reality technologies – it was just absent.

Holographica was expecting Igromir to evaluate the real situation on the market: if there are developers of high quality games that are able to entertain a gamer pampered by marketologists, if there are regular people who are interested in VR and who will vote for it with their money. It turned out that there are only a few of both but all of them are already looking for each other in the crowd of HDR, GTX and other 4Ks.

We begin our photo report with the general plans to give you the ability to assess the scale of the event:

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The exhibition became the place of meeting of a large number of excited people. The queus to some of the new products lasted for hours.

VR found itslef amongst other bright technologies of the gaming market and got as much attention as it should have for it’s time in service. The biggest VR-stand this year was presented by Sony with PlayStation VR, although the glasses were connected to PS4 and not to PS4 Pro, which was locked in a glass box.

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Russian company Fibrum made a good impression, which paved the way for its own and other companies’ headgear and now is busy developing a VR software platform. It’s too early to talk about its capabilities but it’s a clever move: first iPhone wasn’t very popular but the creation of the app store for it granted Apple sales in all fields. The way that Fibrum chose is long and bumpy – it gives them time for a thought-through development. The company has a hardware device and monetization, it has a pool of apps, a number of specialists and a functioning model of the company’s team.

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By the way, the new department of Fibrum – Fibrum MegaBox – showcased its new FPS called The Raid.

A big surprise was made by the producer of energy drinks Tornado Energy, which showcased multiplayer VR battles the way it sohuld be – with backpacks in which notebooks were fitted so that players’ legs didn’t tie up in the wiring.

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MSI and ASUS carried out a presentation of their high-powered gaming hardware with HTC Vive exactly before the official sales in Russia announcement. What else could be offered to test gaming VR computers if not with Vive headgear?

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Virtual Reality at a gaming expo should be presented by games and there were relatively many of them. Mostly this is due to such Sony’s products as Driveclub, Farpoint, Batman: Archam VR, Rise of the Tomb Raider. At the Intel’s stand Mail.ru showcased its FPS with the support of VR headgear VR Invaders. Fibrum should also be mentioned here: the company has developed dozens of VR games by itself. The industry quitely approached the point after which people will finally be able to advise VR personally and not from the news or other people’s reviews.

Whilst Igromir gathered a number of interesting newcomings from the entertainment industry and the expo’s organizers were able to introduce them to a number of users, we didn’t see anything new in the field of VR: it’s hard to accept for the editorial board of Holographica, which is the advocate of the industry but facts can’t be argued with, and during the period of stagnation of the level of attention towards augmented and virtual reality and its shift towards other technologies, tiredness after the loud words about Nintendo and Magic Leap that don’t live up to the expectations, we call the business to search for mundane solutions that will a) show the capabilities of the technology and b) just be used by people. And the second one is the most important.

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